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Published Documents
of the
Apostolic Christian Church (Nazarean)

The Apostolic Christian Church (Nazarean) has its roots in the reform movement spearheaded by Samuel H. Froehlich in Switzerland in the early 1800's. Froehlich himself was a prolific writer, and transcriptions of a number of his sermons exist. While current practice among the more conservative congregations of the ACC (Nazarean) and the ACC of America is to have the preacher draw his sermon from wherever the Scripture may open, in some of the congregations the minister may speak from a prepared sermon, which appears to have been Froehlich's practice. Preaching extemporaneously from the open passage appears to have been a practice adopted by the lay evangelists who spread out across Eastern Europe, and also the practice of the Conservative Mennonite congregations which formed the core of the ACC of America in the mid- to late-1800's.

Translations, from German into English, of Froehlich's work were undertaken in the post-WW1 period by Samuel and Philip Braun. They were originally published (likely at Braun's own expense) by the "Apostolic Christian Publishing Company" in Syracuse, NY, in the 1920's, then by arrangement with brethren in the Apostolic Christian Church of America in Chicago in the mid-1970's. Titles presented herein, which are currently being published by Apostolic Christian Publications of Eureka IL under the agreement with P. N. Braun, are editions which pre-date that agreement.

Other titles, especially tract-type materials, are currently out of print. Although the Statement of Faith is quite specific in some areas, there appears to be some latitude with respect to some topics. No publications, outside the Statement of Faith as distributed by the Apostolic Christian Church Foundation, Inc., have received an official "imprimatur" from the Foundation, and the individual congregations are decentralized to the point that a particular eschatological view may not be shared by all congregations. The reader is referred to the Statement of Faith in all matters under dispute.

It should also be noted that many Apostolic Christian authors are not identified by name in their works. To be so named in their writings was viewed as a form of pride. As a result, it is sometimes not possible to accurately place a publication by author and date, nor determine any copyright for the work. It has been assumed that works published at least prior to 1923 are in the public domain. If a "takedown notice" is received by the webmaster of this site, the work in question will be removed and the "takedown notice" posted in its place.

Title (.pdf format) Author Approx. Date
Life, Conversion, & Secession of S. H. Froehlich from the Established Church (2.9Mb) S. H. Froehlich 1831
Pliny's Epistle to Trajan (740 Kb) S. H. Froehlich 1834
Matrimony According to the Word of God (16.6Mb) S. H. Froehlich c. 1850
Baptism : Who Shall and Who Shall Not Be Baptised (6.4Mb) S. H. Froehlich 1854
Freedom From Sin (1.1Mb) S. J. Braun c. 1940
I Will Remember the Works of the LORD (4.8 Mb) H. Michel 1947
Notes On Revelation (3.9 Mb) W. I. Meister c. 1970
1970 ACCF Directory (2.2 Mb)
(12 Point Statement of Faith)
ACCF 1970
We Believe - 1987 Draft (3.1 Mb) Orlando Elders' Mtg 1995 Reprint
A Historical and Comparative Study
of The "Apostolic Christian Church"
Among Neo-Anabaptist Renewal Movements
in Europe and America
(948 kb)
Joseph F. Pfeiffer May 2010

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